I’m a SEO and SEM Specialist and a passionate WordPress Developer.

I work in the Search Engine Optimization field thanks also to a lot of awesome things I’ve learned as Web Developer.

I focus my daily workflow in the fundamental technical part of web pages source code and HTTP server responses.
Besides, my work includes managing several important activities to check and plan: Web Analysis and User Experience (Google Analytics is a great tool!), Content Strategy and SEO Copywriting.

In the last few years I’ve learned how to mix all of these stuff with Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing, two important must-have channels in (almost) every Marketing Strategy .

I love Arts. Music, Photography, Cinema, Books, and the WEB!
My strong belief is that in the Web Marketing field – like in every kind of Art – passion, deep knowledge and (obviously) creativity, are all necessary skills.

When I’m not at work I’m a musician, sound designer and composer. I love play piano and synths for personal project, spots, games and gigs. I attended “Vincenzo Bellini” Academy of Music  in Palermo. In these years I learnt playing acoustic and electric guitar, so I can have a more complete sound on my compositions.

I compose music and FX for games, spot and every stuff that need particular sounds. Many times I write music without particulary reasons (music is a need to satisfy!), so I sell my stuff on Audiojungle.
Feel free to visit my Audiojungle portfolio.

I always try to improve my knowledge day by day.